Trinity Lutheran Grade School has a Christian “classic” curriculum with added technology training and practice for the well rounded disciple for Jesus.  Instruction is age and abilities appropriate  in the following areas:

Bible History – Children in grades K-6 use Christlight Bible lessons.  The Old Testament lessons are taught one year and the following year the New Testament lessons are taught. Children also learn memory verses that relate to the truth of each lesson.  The 7-8th grade students study Paul’s missionary journeys and the Epistles with Pastor Mark Haefner.

Catechism – The 5-6th grade students have Catechism lessons twice a week with Mr. Stern and the 7-8th grade students have their Catechism lessons twice a week with Pastor Haefner.

Hymnology – All the children participate in a hymnology class once a week in their classroom.  This is a great opportunity to learn the meaning of the hymns we sing at school and in church.

Math – Our math textbooks in grades K-5 are from Harcourt publishing company.  The 6-8th grade students use McDougal/Littel.

Reading – Our reading series is Houghton Mifflin for all grades.  Students in 4-8th also spend a quarter of the year in a literature course using grade appropriate novels.

Spelling – Houghton Mifflin is the publisher for our spelling series.

Language Arts (includes English and Phonics) – Houghton Mifflin is the publisher for our Language Arts.

Science – Our science series is from the publisher Harcourt.

Social Studies – Our social studies is also published by Harcourt.

Music – Our music classes are taught by Mrs. Coates.  Each classroom has music class once a week to discover the beauty and fundamentals of music.  Students also will spend time practicing vocal skills and songs that are sung in different worship opportunities.

Art – Art class is also taught once a week.  Projects will be found decorating the walls of the classrooms.  Many projects are saved for the annual Science/Arts Fair in March.

Technology – Each classroom is equipped with a Smartboard, several laptops, and an IPAD.  Keyboarding, research, and presentations are covered in the technology curriculum.

Physical Education – Students in K-3 have physical education once a week.  Students in these grades learn basic motor skills as well as the fundamentals of volleyball, basketball, and track.  Students in 4-8 have physical education twice a week.  Lifelong fitness and the fundamentals of many sports are covered.